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Table 3 Consistency in expression detection between quantities of starting RNA

From: The cost of reducing starting RNA quantity for Illumina BeadArrays: A bead-level dilution experiment

  reference experiment
test experiment 250 ng 100 ng 50 ng
10 ng 0.67/0.09 0.71/0.09 0.73/0.09
50 ng 0.86/0.06 0.89/0.09  
100 ng 0.86/0.08   
  1. For the numbers of bead-types with detected expression in both 100% Brain and 100% UHRR reporting "X/Y" where X is the proportion of bead-types reported for the reference experiment also reported for the test experiment (e.g. a measure of sensitivity), and Y is the proportion of bead-types reported by the test experiment that were not reported by the reference experiment (e.g. FDR). So for example, taking 250 ng as a gold-standard, for this detection measure the 100 ng experiment has 86% sensitivity and an FDR of 0.08.