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Table 4 Retention of differentially expressed genes after whole genome duplication.

From: Gene expression in a paleopolyploid: a transcriptome resource for the ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia

  WGD1 WGD2 WGD3 Genes
Differentially expressed genes    
   Reciliation 67% 28% 7% 1212
   Exocytosis recovery 68% 32% 9% 526
   Autogamy 69% 35% 9% 2467
Genome 61% 32% 8% 39642
  1. The percentage of genes differentially expressed during the biological processes studied that have retained at least one ohnolog from a whole genome duplication event is given along with the total number of genes in the category ("Genes"). The last row in the table shows across the whole genome the percentage of genes that have retained ohnologs after each of the WGD events. WGD1, recent whole genome duplication; WGD2, intermediate whole genome duplication; WGD3, old whole genome duplication. Note that a given gene can have 0 or 1 ohnolog from the recent WGD, 0 to 2 ohnologs from the intermediate WGD and 0 to 4 ohnologs from the old WGD.