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Table 1 Expression profiles of cuticle genes identified through BLASTX analysis differentially expressed more than twofold relative to C earl y (p < 0.05).

From: Differential gene expression during the moult cycle of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)

Cuticle gene BLASTX hit Domain Int1 Int2 Int3 Int4 D0a D0b D1-2 D3/A
ABB91676.1|calcified cuticle protein CP14.1 [Callinectes sapidus] Chitin_bind_4  
ABU41097.1|putative cuticle protein [Lepeophtheirus salmonis] Chitin_bind_4     
AAV28476.1|arthrodial cuticle protein AMP8.1 [Callinectes sapidus] Chitin_bind_4   
AAV28479.1|calcified cuticle protein CP8.2 [Callinectes sapidus] Chitin_bind_4   
ABM54465.1|cuticle protein CB6 [Portunus pelagicus] Chitin_bind_4  
BAC81566.1|calcification-associated peptide-1 [Procambarus clarkii] Chitin_bind_4   
BAD16776.1|calcification-associated peptide-2 [Procambarus clarkii] Chitin_bind_4    
ABC26005.1|arthrodial cuticle protein AMP16.3 [Callinectes sapidus] Chitin_bind_4    
ABB91677.1|arthrodial cuticle protein AMP16.5 [Callinectes sapidus] Chitin_bind_4  
ABR27687.1|cuticle proprotein proCP5.2 [Callinectes sapidus] Cuticle_1   
ACO12089.1|Cuticle protein 19 [Lepeophtheirus salmonis] Chitin_bind_4   
BAA90876.1|DD9B [Marsupenaeus japonicus] Chitin_bind_4  
FAA00634 | TPA: putative cuticle protein [Bombyx mori] Chitin_bind_4     
P81389.1| Cuticle protein AMP5 [Homarus americanus] Chitin_bind_4      
P81575.1| Cuticle protein AM/CP1114 [Cancer pagrus] Chitin_bind_4     
XP_001868236.1|cuticle protein [Culex quinquefasciatus] Chitin_bind_4   
XM_969006.2|PREDICTED: similar to Cuticular protein 47Ef CG13214-PA [Tribolium castaneum] Chitin_bind_4      
BAF73806.1|calcification associated soluble matrix protein 2 [Procambarus clarkii] Chitin_bind_4
ABM54460.1|cuticle protein CUT9 [Portunus pelagicus] Cuticle_1    
ABN13583.1|putative cuticle protein [Artemia franciscana] Chitin_bind_4       
NP_001161908.1|cuticular protein analogous to peritrophins 3-D1 [Tribolium castaneum] CBM_14  
EF102012.1|Portunus pelagicus cuticle protein CB7-like mRNA Chitin_bind_4       
XP_001961118.1|GF13710 [Drosophila ananassae] Chitin_bind_4        
EF101994 | Portunus pelagicus cuticle protein CUT2 mRNA Cuticle_1    
P82119 | RecName: Full = Cuticle protein 6 [Blaberus craniifer] Chitin_bind_4     
ACL79887 | cuticle protein [Rimicaris exoculata] Cuticle_1