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Table 3 Avian sequences reconstructed by the PathogenID v2.0 and BLASTN alignment

From: Use of consensus sequences for the design of high density resequencing microarrays: the influenza virus paradigm

Viral strain tested Gene Sequence size (bp) Subtype BLASTN analysis of the sequence reconstructed by the DNA microarray
221 PB2 511 - A/teal/Italy/3931-38/2005 (H5N2) *
  HA 209 H3 A/mallard/Finland/12072/06 (H3N8) *
  NA 188 N2 A/duck/Denmark/65047/04 (H5N2) *
223 PB2 516 - A/gull/Moscow/3100/2006 (H6N2) *
  HA 99 H1 A/duck/Bavaria/1/77 (H1N1)
  NA 224 N1 A/mink/Sweden/V907/2006(H5N1) *
     A/Aquatic Bird/Hong Kong/m603/98 (H11N1)
224 PB2 518 - A/gull/Moscow/3100/2006 (H6N2) *
  HA 133 H1 A/goose/Italy/296426/2003 (H1N1) *
     A/duck/Italy/281904/2006(H1N1) *
     A/duck/Italy/69238/2007(H1N1) *
  NA 252 N1 A/Aquatic Bird/Hong Kong/m603/98 (H11N1)
  1. Sequences corresponding to highest scores are detailed. Asterisks indicate sequences that were the same as those given by the resequencing data.