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Figure 7

From: Annotation and comparative analysis of the glycoside hydrolase genes in Brachypodium distachyon

Figure 7

The GH51 family of arabinofuranosidases. The tree includes GH51 proteins from the following plants: Arabidopsis (AT), rice (Os), Brachypodium (Bradi), sorghum (Sb), and poplar (Poptr), as well as sequences from 10 other eudicots and 4 other grasses (labeled with a genus-plus-species abbreviation and the GenBank accession number). Tree construction and color-coding (blue for eudicots and red for grasses) are as in Figure 2. Small gray arrows indicate barley AXAH-I (Hor vul AAK21879.1), Arabidopsis ARAF1 (At3g10740), strawberry Ara1 and 2 (Frag ana ABV08815.1 and ABV08816.1), and peach ARF1 (Pru per ABV32544.1). FraAra3 appears to encode a truncated protein and was therefore omitted from our analysis. Car pap: Carica papaya; Dau car: Daucus carota; Fra ana: Fragaria × ananassa; Gly max: Glycine max; Hor vul: Hordeum vulgare; Mal dom: Malus × domestica; Med tru: Medicago truncatula; Os indica: Oryza sativa Indica Group; Pru per: Prunus persica; Pyr com: Pyrus communis; Pyr pyr: Pyrus pyrifolia; Sol lyc: Solanum lycopersicum; Tri aes: Triticum aestivum; Zea may: Zea mays. Common names for these species can be found in additional file 12. Poplar gene names are abbreviated; for the full names, see additional file 9. This tree is displayed in a rectangular format, with additional bootstrap values, in additional file 15.

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