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Archived Comments for: Systematic identification and evolutionary features of rhesus monkey small nucleolar RNAs

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  1. Annotation of 7 unclassified ncRNA candidates

    Peter F Stadler, University of Leipzig

    19 February 2010

    Seven of the eight "unclassified ncRNA candidates" can be readily annotated as homologs of well-known ncRNAs. Numbering the eight sequences in the order of appearance at the end of the article's Supplementary File 1, we have:

    unc-1 = mitochondrial tRNA-Met (partial)
    unc-3 = mitochondrial tRNA-Thr (partial)
    unc-4 = mitochondrial tRNA-Lys
    unc-5 = mitochondrial tRNA-Trp (+short 5' extension)
    unc-2 = selenocysteine tRNA (tRNA-SeC)
    unc-6 = SNORA31 paralog (box H/ACA snoRNA)
    unc-8 = SNORA79 (box H/ACA snoRNA)

    A short Technical Report detailing the evidence for these annotations can be found at

    Competing interests

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