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Figure 1

From: Independent evolution of the core and accessory gene sets in the genus Neisseria: insights gained from the genome of Neisseria lactamica isolate 020-06

Figure 1

Genealogical relationships of Neisseria isolates inferred from 19 loci. CLONAL FRAME trees were drawn from the sequences from 19 housekeeping gene fragments from 79 isolates. These include the eight complete Neisseria genomes, 20 isolates representing 20 unique seven locus STs (one ST from each clonal complex and two STs not belonging to clonal complexes) from the meningococcal collection used to validate the MLST scheme [29], and 51 N. lactamica isolates, comprising 46 unique seven locus STs sampled from a population used to analyse diversity in N. lactamica [30]. N. lactamica clonal complexes are circled. N. lactamica (Nla) = red, N. meningitidis (Nme) = blue, N. gonorrhoeae (Ngo) = green.

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