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Table 1 Description of features used.

From: Ensemble approach combining multiple methods improves human transcription start site prediction

Feature Information
Profisi DNA melting temperature, as calculated with Fixman & Freire's method
ARTS Custom SVM kernel using both sequence and structural information
N-SCAN HMM gene predictor - start of 5' UTR defines TSS
FirstEF Decision tree using k-mers, GC and CpG content
Eponine RVM using mixture of Gaussian distributions of position weight matrices
ProSOM Self-organising map trained on base stacking energy
EP3 Base stacking energy
Methylation Experimentally determined CpG methylation profiles
Conservation 17-way vertebrate conservation scores
  1. All except methylation and conservation are outputs from prediction programs. ARTS scores were split into + and - strands. Methylation scores were split into stem cell and differentiated categories.