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Table 2 Synthetic wheats used for SNP discovery

From: Nucleotide diversity maps reveal variation in diversity among wheat genomes and chromosomes

Name* Database code Source of AB genomes Source of the D genome
ITMI synthetic(1) Sn24 T. t. durum 'Altar' CIMMYT W7984, CIGM86.940, Ae. tauschii ssp. strangulata, (collected by H. Kihara near Mazadaran, Iran)
RL5402(2) Sn25 TetraCantach RL5261, Ae. tauschii ssp. typica
RL5403(2) Sn26 TetraCantach RL5266, Ae. tauschii ssp. anathera
RL5405(2) Sn27 TetraCantach RL5288. Ae. tauschii ssp. strangulata, (originally supplied by M. Tanaka as KUSE 2144)
RL5406(2) Sn28 TetraCantach RL5289. Ae. tauschii ssp. meyeri,
62052_4(1) Sn29 T. durum 'Croc_1' CIMMYT 205, Ae. tauschii ssp. tauschii
(PI452130, Hunan, China)
62056_4(1) Sn30 T. durum 'Croc_1' CIMMYT 224 = CLAE 25, Ae. tauschii ssp.tauschii (collected by H. Kihara near Gilan, Iran)
161725_0(1) Sn31 T. durum 'Ceta' CIMMYT 372 = CIGM86.940, Ae. tauschii ssp. strangulata (collected by H. Kihara near Kabul, Afghanistan)
Sear's synthetic(3) Sn32 Unknown Unknown
  1. * Accessions designated with (1) were developed and supplies by A. Mujeeb-Kazi, at CIMMYT, those designated with (2) were developed and supplied by E.R. Kerber, Agriculture Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and that designated with (3) was developed and supplied by E.R. Search, USDA-ARS, Columbia, Missouri