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Table 7 Total nucleotide diversity, diversity in coding sequences, noncoding sequences (introns and UTRs), replacement and silent codon positions

From: Nucleotide diversity maps reveal variation in diversity among wheat genomes and chromosomes

Genome Total diversity
(× 10-3)
(× 10-3)
(× 10-3)
(× 10-3)
(× 10-3)
Ratio replac./silent
  θw θπ D θw θπ θw θπ θw θπ θw θπ θw θπ
T.a. A 0.59c 0.57c -0.09b 0.54b 0.55b 0.76bc 0.72bc 0.30b 0.30b 1.38bc 1.46a 0.25a 0.24a
T.a. B 0.56c 0.57c 0.00b 0.55b 0.59b 0.89bc 0.89b 0.32b 0.36b 1.40bc 1.44a 0.22a 0.22a
T.a. D 0.22d 0.18e -0.57c 0.22c 0.18c 0.36d 0.32d 0.06c 0.06c 0.79d 0.59b 0.10b 0.11b
T.d. A 0.68b 0.70d 0.09b 0.58b 0.60b 0.91bc 0.98b 0.32b 0.36b 1.43bc 1.47a 0.23a 0.26a
T.d. B 0.76b 0.72cb -0.12b 0.56b 0.55b 1.21b 1.17b 0.31b 0.30b 1.47b 1.46a 0.29a 0.29a
Synth. D 1.31a 1.51a 0.56a 1.13a 1.25a 1.84a 2.09a 0.52a 0.53a 3.35a 3.87d 0.17ab 0.16b
  1. * Means sharing the same letter are not significantly different at the 0.05 probability levels.