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Table 1 Examples of protein complexes identified by algorithm CPM and algorithm CP-DR.

From: Identifying protein complexes from interaction networks based on clique percolation and distance restriction

   CPM(k=3) CP-DR
Sequence Known Complex Size OS(Pc, Kc) Size OS(Pc, Kc)
  YDR226c YER165w YKR002w     
Complex1 YMR061w YOL123w YGL044c    6 0.833
  YKR002w YMR061w YLR115w 13 0.089   
Complex2 YAL013c YLR277c YNL317w    9 0.854
  YJR093c YPR107c YDR301w     
  YPR041w YMR036c YBR079c     
Complex3 YNL244c 8 0.443 6 0.795
  YOR361w YMR146c YPL105c     
  YFL088c YKR068c YLR268w YIL004c     
Complex4 YML077w YDR407c YOR115c 18 0.150 13 0.923
  YBR254c YDR472w YGR166w