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Table 2 The result of GO enrichment analysis of proteins with GO: 0005739 mitochondrion with the GO term in the 8th layer of GO hierarchical structure and their neighbors in our PPI network.

From: Global protein interactome exploration through mining genome-scale data in Arabidopsis thaliana

GO TERM p-value Description
9152 7.51E-14 purine ribonucleotide biosynthetic process
6163 1.09E-13 purine nucleotide metabolic process
9259 1.30E-13 ribonucleotide metabolic process
6754 7.21E-10 ATP biosynthetic process
  1. We exert GO enrichment analysis on the proteins enriched in the GO: 0005739 and their interactive partners. The table contains the top GO terms these partners enriched in. The first column is the GO terms that the partners enriched in, the second column is the p-value of enrichment and the third is the functional description of the related GO terms.