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Table 3 Mapping reads from progeny and parent genomes to the reference genome.

From: High-throughput 454 resequencing for allele discovery and recombination mapping in Plasmodium falciparum

Method of Sequencing Parasite Name Unique positions mapped3
   Number (bps) Percentage
Sanger HB3 21,326,115 91.7
  Dd2 17,226,364 74.0
454-Roche 7C126 21,600,531 92.8
  SC05 21,732,965 93.4
  1. 3Given as the percentage of the 3D7 genome coverage
  2. All genomes had comparably similar distribution of the total bases sequenced (approximately 23 Mb) in terms of unique positions, however Dd2 had reads mapping to only 74% of the reference genome reducing the number of positions for screening alleles.