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Figure 1

From: Genomic characteristics of cattle copy number variations

Figure 1

Genomic landscape of cattle copy number variations and segmental duplications. CNV regions (682 events, 139 Mb, ~4.60% of the bovine genome) reported by 521 SNP genotyped individuals are shown above the chromosomes in green (gain), red (loss) and dark blue (both), while below are the CNV regions (177 events, 28 Mb, ~1% of the bovine genome) reported by 90 array CGH experiments by Liu et al. The bar height represents their frequencies: short (appeared in 1 sample), median (≥2 samples) and tall (≥5 samples). Segmental duplications (94.4 Mb, 3.1% of the bovine genome) predicted by two independent computational approaches are illustrated on the chromosomes in red (WSSD), blue (WGAC) or purple (both). The patterns are depicted for all duplications for ≥5 kb in length and ≥90% sequence identity. The gaps in the assembly are represented on the chromosomes as white ticks.

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