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Table 1 Data sources for evidence of expression of known miRNAs

From: Discovery of barley miRNAs through deep sequencing of short reads

Species Reference Tissues Platform Comments
Ricea Sunkar et al. 2008
Seedlings 454, 18 K unique reads control, droughted and salt stressed
Ricea Zhu et al. 2008
7-day old shoots & roots, grain 454, 77 K unique reads; grain also with Solexa, 1.9 M unique reads  
Ricea Xue et al. 2009
seeds MPSS, 0.1 M unique reads  
Wheatb Yao et al. 2007
leaves, root, spikes 454, 25 K unique reads  
Wheat Wei et al. 2009
leaves, stem, root, young spikes Solexa, 0.5 M unique reads  
Brachypodium Wei et al. 2009
root, stem, leaves, spikes Solexa, 0.6 M unique reads  
Barley This study leaf Solexa, 3.6 M unique reads  
  1. aOnly rice miRNAs that are also listed in miRBase (V13.0, March 2009) were included in the analysis; miRBase names were used.
  2. bSequences from this reference as corrected in miRBase (c.f. miR164a and miR159b) were used; similarly, for miR501-515 and miR517-524 the revised names miR1117-1139 provided by miRBase were used.