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Archived Comments for: Expression of G protein-coupled receptors and related proteins in HEK293, AtT20, BV2, and N18 cell lines as revealed by microarray analysis

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  1. You should profile your own cells

    Christian Le Gouill, University of Montreal

    25 May 2011

    We are developing biosensors to study GPCR signalling. In this project, we decided to mRNA profile about a dozen different isolates of HEK using Illumina’s technology. Our results show a different profile than the one presented in this paper, not for all proteins but some important signalling partners and GPCRs. For example, there is no GNAZ (mRNA or functionally) in our Hek293. Same thing with GPCRs such as PTGFR (FP) or LTB4R, we are working with both receptors and they are not expressed (mRNA or protein) endogenously in Hek293 cells.
    There are so many different isolates for Hek, COS, CHO,... that you shouldn't rely on published profiles for your own research; just profile your own cells as they are probably different than those used in other labs, it is not very expensive to do it and will save you a lot of time, kits, reagents...

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