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Table 2 Taxonomically restricted genes with names or functions based on Interproscan

From: Taxonomically restricted genes are associated with the evolution of sociality in the honey bee

OGS2 ID Name Function Homology Class
GB16929 none cell cycle arrest Social Insects
GB10975 none methylation Hymenoptera
GB12636 Apidermin 3 Cuticle protein Hymenoptera-conserved
GB10737 Apidermin 2 Cuticle protein Orphan
GB13172 none Immune system Orphan
GB18323 Abaecin Immune system Hymenoptera
GB17538 Hymenoptaecin Immune system Hymenoptera-conserved
GB20134 OBP 2 Odorant binding Hymenoptera
GB19454 OBP 3 & OBP 7 Odorant binding Orphan
GB13299 OBP 12 Odorant binding Social Insects
GB30438 none Respiratory electron transport chain Hymenoptera
GB12184 Silk fibroin 3 Silk + unknown Hymenoptera
GB12348 Silk fibroin 4 Silk + unknown Hymenoptera
GB17818 Silk fibroin 1 Silk + unknown Hymenoptera
GB19585 Silk fibroin 2 Silk + unknown Hymenoptera
GB15233 AmelSA1 Silk glue + unknown Hymenoptera
GB19468 Apisimin precursor brood care Orphan
GB10355 Melittin precursor Venom Hymenoptera
GB19804 Secapin Venom Hymenoptera
GB13285 Mast degranulating Venom Orphan
GB18161 Apamin Venom Orphan