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Table 3 Accession numbers of 16S rDNA sequences of Clostridium spp. identified up to species level.

From: Analysis of the unexplored features of rrs (16S rDNA) of the Genus Clostridium

Strains close to Framework organismsa of different Clostridium spp. Total No.
C. acetobutylicum
S000400861, S000400862, S000400863, S000435107, S000478679, S000478680, S000478681, S000478682, S000478683, S000478684, S000478685, S000478686, S000943243, S000966301, S000980425, S000995877, S001020065, S001152396, S001242068, S001745227, S001745233, S001794681, S001794682, S001794683, S001794684, S001794685, S001794686, S001794687, S001794688 29
C. beijerinckii/C. acetobutylicum
S000334985, S000334987, S000334988, S000334990, S000400860, S000400864, S000478687, S000626915, S000722515, S000728324, S000980699, S001152399, S001152400 13
C. subterminale
S000001962, S000129667, S000388864, S000388865, S000388866, S000416645, S000435104, S000485866, S000503799, S000690901, S000735015, S000735016, S000749591, S000749594, S000749595, S001152397, S001170637, S001170638, S001199642, S001199651 20
C. botulinum/C. novyi/C. Sporogenes
S000016396, S000357670, S000375671, S000408659, S000450916, S000728313, S001152392, S001199641, S001415996 9
C. tetani
S000263019, S000386952, S000485868, S000530910, S001152394, S001199640, S001244389 7
C. chauvoei
S000012343, S000389535, S000485865, S001155550 4
C. kluyveri
S000005987, S000127639, S000511412 3
C. pasteurianum
S000334962, S000511411, S001153886, S001170673 4
C. baratii
S000626914 (Close to C. sardiniense), S001244388, S001187265, S001187266, S001187267 5
C. perfringens
S000392900 1
Total 95
  1. No Clostridium sp. could be assigned to C. butyricum, C. colicanis and C. sardiniense.
  2. a For Framework organisms see Table 2.