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Table 1 Toxicity endpoints

From: Interactions of a pesticide/heavy metal mixture in marine bivalves: a transcriptomic assessment

  EC12.5 (0.25 TU) EC25 (0.5 TU) EC50 (1.0 TU)
Ni (mg/L) 0.022 0.135 0.770
Clorpyrifos (mg/L) 0.300 0.610 4.500
  1. Shown are Ni and Chorpyrifos effective concentrations (EC) and equivalent Toxic Units (TU) for Lysosomal membrane stability (LMS) obtained from the dose finding experiment (see Additional file 1). The dimensionless toxic unit (TUi) quantifies the relative contribution to toxicity of the individual chemical i in a mixture of n chemicals. Conventionally, a TU is defined as the actual exposure concentration of a chemical divided by its EC50 (the median effect concentration).