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Table 2 Subclonal point mutations

From: Detecting copy number status and uncovering subclonal markers in heterogeneous tumor biopsies

Refseq gene position in transcript Reference Variant
NM_001077619 2874 A G/C
NM_001113202 1035 G A
NM_001113202 1038 T A
NM_001113202 1034 T A
NM_003112 4016 G A
NM_003112 4024 T A
NM_003112 4042 C T
NM_005431 1294 C G
NM_005431 1325 T C
NM_005431 1408 A G
NM_013276 2909 A G
NM_013276 3065 C T
NM_013276 3110 G T
NM_018129 1977 C T
NM_018129 2044 C T
NM_018129 2154 A G
NM_018129 1973 C A
NM_018129 2822 G C
NM_018373 1930 G A
NM_018373 1887 C T
NM_020642 934 C T
NM_020642 942 T C
NM_020675 1099 G T
NM_020675 1129 G T
NM_031886 3289 A G
NM_031886 3285 C T
NM_031886 3278 G A
NM_031886 3271 G A
NM_033426 3002 C T
NM_033426 2821 A C
NM_033426 2856 C T
NM_144578 3320 C A
NM_144578 3317 T C
NM_144578 3425 C T
NM_144578 3948 G C
NM_144578 3946 G A
NM_145280 1865 G A
NM_145280 1623 G A
NM_145280 1866 C T/G
NM_145280 3564 A G
NM_145280 2096 T C
  1. The majority of these mutations are not indels or typical RNA-editing substitutions, supporting the idea that these point mutations occur in a fraction of the subclones from the heterogeneous melanoma sample.