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Table 2 Comparison of CpG-to-gene ratios between different gene sets

From: Genomic features and computational identification of human microRNAs under long-range developmental regulation

  HCNE enriched miRNAs HCNE poor miRNAs Known GRB target genes Known bystander genes Other transcription factors Other CpG island genes
Median CpG-to-gene ratio 0.1703 0.0238 0.2032 0.0100 0.0339 0.0280
HCNE enriched miRNAs - 0.2931 0.1185 2.7450e-4 0.0124 2.7800e-3
HCNE poor miRNAs 0.2931 - 0.0158 0.1846 0.0966 1.4200e-3
  1. Significant differences in the median CpG-to-gene ratio between the gene sets were determined using the two-sided bootstrapped version of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Significant p-values (<0.05) are shown in bold. The first row indicates the median CpG-to-gene ratio for each gene set and the second and third rows contain the p-values of the comparisons between the CpG-to-gene ratios of the HCNE enriched or HCNE poor ST miRNAs and other control gene sets.