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Table 3 Alignment of contigs to the A. thaliana proteome.

From: Single nucleotide polymorphism discovery in elite north american potato germplasm

Cultivar No. contigs with alignmenta No.non-redudundant alignmentb
Atlantic 27,934 13,752
Premier Russet 32,369 14,563
Snowden 33,503 14,608
Bintje 2,111 1,793
Kennebec 9,320 6,193
Shepody 9,163 6,202
  1. aContigs were search against the A. thaliana proteome using an E value cutoff of <10-5. Only the top alignment was retained.
  2. bMultiple alignments to the same A. thaliana protein were condensed to provide a non-redundant estimation of representation of the A. thaliana proteome.