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Table 4 Antisense RNAs transcribed within the ORF or 5' UTR of genes involved in heterocyst differentiation

From: Directional RNA deep sequencing sheds new light on the transcriptional response of Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120 to combined-nitrogen deprivation

Gene Gene Function Gene Expression After Nitrogen Step-down RNA Location Antisense RNA Expression After Nitrogen Step-down
narB (alr0612) nitrate reductase increased by 12 h narB ORF and 5' UTR no change
fraH (alr1603) cell-cell connection increased by 12 h alr1603 ORF slight decrease by 21 h
alr3649 heterocyst specific ABC transporter increased by 12 h 5' end of alr3649 ORF into upstream gene increased by 12 h
alr3479 similar to nitrogen regulation protein NtrR decreased slightly at 6 h only alr3479 ORF increased by 21 h
glnB (all2319) nitrogen assimilation no change glnB 5' UTR no change
hetR (alr2339) heterocyst differentiation regulator increased by 6 h hetR ORF and 5' UTR decreased by 21 h
hetC (alr2817) heterocyst differentiation increased by 12 h two RNAs, one in hetC ORF and one in hetC-hetP intergenic region increased by 12 h
hetF (alr3546) heterocyst differentiation no change hetF ORF and 5' UTR; NsiR1* increased by 6 h
all3558 nitrogen assimilation regulation no change all3558 ORF increased by 21 h
hepK (all4496) exopolysaccharide synthesis increased by 12 h hepK ORF; contains repeat sequence at 5' end no change
nblA phycobilisome degradation increased by 12 h; largest increase at 21 h nblA ORF and 5' and 3' UTRs antisense transcription until 12 h only
hglE (alr5351) heterocyst-specific glycolipid increased by 12 h; largest increase at 21 h hglE 3' end of ORF increased by 12 h
hglD (alr5354) heterocyst-specific glycolipid increased by 21 h hglD ORF and 5' UTR no change
hglC (alr5355) heterocyst specific glycolipid gene increased by 6 h; largest increase at 21 h hglC ORF increased at 6 h only
  1. *NsiR1 has been previously characterized [40].