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Table 3 Predicted miRNA targets in A. auriculiformis and A. mangium.

From: Identification of lignin genes and regulatory sequences involved in secondary cell wall formation in Acacia auriculiformis and Acacia mangium via de novo transcriptome sequencing

miRNA Known miRNA targets Blastx ID Blastx annotation E-value
160a Auxin Response XP_002519531.1 Auxin Response factor 0.0
160b Factors XP_002519531.1 Auxin Response factor 5e-145
170a   AAM63621.1 Flavonol synthase-like protein 7e-12
172a APETALA 2 XP_002534399.1 APETALA 2 7e-65
   XP_002527501.1 Signal transducer 1e-88
   XP_002320412.1 F-box protein 2e-146
   XP_002331783.1 Cc-NBS-LRR resistance protein 5e-60
   AAD41092.1 Xyloglucan fucosyltransferase 1e-110
172b   XP_002320412.1 F-box protein 0.0
   NP_973532.1 Protein kinase 0.0
   XP_002516311.1 ATP binding protein 4e-158
   NP_001119113.1 Zinc ion binding 0.0
   Q9M5Q1.1 Xyloglucan fucosyltransferase 2e-104
319a TCP transcription factors NP_187372.4 ATGSL10 (glucan synthase-like 10) 0.0
   AAC16330.1 SAR DNA-binding protein 0.0
319b   NP_187372.4 ATGSL10 (glucan synthase-like 10) 0.0
396a Cell proliferation, AAB99745.1 Heat shock protein 70 0.0
  GRL XP_002331783.1 Cc-NBS-LRR resistance protein 2e-74
  transcription factors AAM61431.1 Developmental protein 5e-84
396b   NP_195570.1 Metal ion binding protein 7e-64
2086a Unknown AAC27411.1 Nodulin-like protein 0.0
2086b   AAC27411.1 Nodulin-like protein 3e-16
  1. a A. auriculiformis
  2. b A. mangium