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Table 1 Variant Summary

From: Exome-wide DNA capture and next generation sequencing in domestic and wild species

  Bison Zebu Taurine
Heterozygous SNPs 2,426 3,890 2,525
Fixed differences 8,635 1,634 1,329
Total differences 11,061 (0.45%) 5,524 (0.23%) 3,854 (0.16%)
Total genotyped bases 2,447,500 2,395,651 2,306,566
dbSNP position matches 483 (4.37%) 594 (10.75%) 545 (14.14%)
dbSNP allele mismatches 10 4 1
  1. For each individual, total consensus bases different from the reference, for heterozygous SNPs, fixed differences, and concordance with 1.8 million entries in NCBI's dbSNP database. Total differences from the reference are also given as a percentage of total genotyped bases. dbSNP position matches are also given as a percentage of total differences. dbSNP allele mismatches give the number of alleles that differed from a dbSNP allele while matching its position; for example, in the bison, of the 483 positions matching SNPs in dbSNP, 10 showed alleles different than those listed at dbSNP.