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Table 1 Gene libraries providing sequences for EuroPineDB

From: EuroPineDB: a high-coverage web database for maritime pine transcriptome

Gene library Tissue Species Experimental conditions
Pp-454 Roots, stem, embryos, callus, cones, male and female strobili, buds, xylem, phloem. P. pinaster ESTs from several different tissues
LG0BCA Buds P. pinaster ESTs, adult buds
GEMINIa Xylem P. pinaster ESTs from normal, compression, opposite, early and late wood
SSH Xylem Xylem P. pinaster SSH, compression vs. opposite, and juvenile vs. mature
UPM Roots, stem, needles P. pinaster SSH, drought stress
ARG Roots P. pinaster SSH, ammonium excess vs. ammonium deficiency
SSH Lac-Pine Roots P. pinaster SSH, inoculated with Laccaria bicolor vs. not inoculated
SSH Mic Roots P. pinaster SSH, mycorrhizal vs. not mycorrhizal
CK16b Cotyledons P. pinea SSH, adventitious shoot induction
SSH Embryos Embryos P. sylvestris SSH, lack of N vs. normal N
Pin Cotyledons P. sylvestris ESTs from photosynthetic tissues
EMBL v. 102 - P. pinaster, P. pinea, P. sylvestris Miscellaneous
  1. a GEMINI gene library was described in [8]
  2. b CK16 gene library was described in [4]