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Table 5 Overview of candidate virulence factors detected in the C. ulcerans genomes

From: Comparative analysis of two complete Corynebacterium ulcerans genomes and detection of candidate virulence factors

ID in 809 ID in BR-AD22 Gene Proposed function of deduced protein LP×TGa
CULC809_00177 - rbp Ribosome-binding protein none
CULC809_01974 CULC22_02125 cpp b Corynebacterial protease CP40b none
CULC809_00040 CULC22_00038 pld Phospholipase D none
CULC809_01949 CULC22_02103 spaF Surface-anchored protein (pilus subunit) LPKTG
CULC809_01950 CULC22_02104 spaE Surface-anchored protein (pilus subunit) LPLTG
CULC809_01952 CULC22_02106 spaD Surface-anchored protein (pilus subunit) LPMTG
CULC809_01979 CULC22_02130 spaC Surface-anchored protein (pilus subunit) LPLTG
CULC809_01980 CULC22_02131 spaB Surface-anchored protein (pilus subunit) LARTG
CULC809_01133 CULC22_01148 rpfI Rpf interacting protein none
CULC809_01521 CULC22_01537 cwlH Cell wall-associated hydrolase none
CULC809_00434 CULC22_00437 nanH Sialidase precursor (neuraminidase H) none
CULC809_00509 CULC22_00515 vsp1 Venome serine protease none
CULC809_01964 - vsp2 Venome serine protease none
CULC809_01848 CULC22_02007 tspA Trypsin-like serine protease none
  1. a Predicted LPxTG motif used for anchoring of the protein to the cell wall
  2. b Data presented in this manuscript indicates a function as endoglycosidase. The gene should therefore be renamed as ndoE.