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Table 1 In vivo evaluation of Babesia bovis attenuation

From: Attenuation of virulence in an apicomplexan hemoparasite results in reduced genome diversity at the population level

Inoculated strain T2Bo_vir T2Bo_att L17_vir L17_att
# of animals 12 18 12 18
Average age of animal (mth) 16.5 15.5 17 16
# of animals requiring treatment* 12/12 0/18 12/12 0/18
  1. * treatment criteria include one of the following. Hyperthermia > 41°C for 3 consecutive days, percent parasitemia > 0.5%, hematocrit < 15% and neurological signs such as ataxia, excess salivation, head pressing, lateral head torsion and recumbency w/. fully extended head. Vir, virulent phenotype; att, attenuated phenotype; T2Bo, Tex strain; L17, Argentina strain.