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Figure 4

From: Testing the importance of jasmonate signalling in induction of plant defences upon cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae) attack

Figure 4

Simplified graphic representation of enriched GO terms connected to biological process or molecular function in genes that were less (A, C) or more (B) induced compared to wt in their response to Brevicoryne brassicae attack in aos and fou2 mutants. The graph is based on results generated by AmiGO Term Enrichment [31] of functional gene networks. Functionally connected GO categories are represented with the same colour code. Streaked lines indicate that GO terms that exist between the two connected GO terms were omitted from presentation for clarity reasons. Only GO terms classified as enriched according to AmiGO Term Enrichment (with p value < 0.05) are presented in the graph. The numbers of genes attributed to a given GO term for aos and fou2 mutants are indicated in the left and right boxes under given GO terms, respectively. A darker shade of grey corresponds to higher significance of enrichment (lower p value) of a given GO term according to the AmiGO Term Enrichment analysis.

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