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Table 4 C. melo mitochondrial genome characteristics

From: Determination of the melon chloroplast and mitochondrial genome sequences reveals that the largest reported mitochondrial genome in plants contains a significant amount of DNA having a nuclear origin

Total scaffold/contig size [nt] 2,738,402
GC content 44.5%
Gene number a 78
   Protein genesa 51
   rRNA genesa 3
   tRNA genesa 24
Genes with introns 10
Trans-spliced genes 3
Coding sequence 1.68%
   Protein coding 1.37%
   tRNAs and rRNAs 0.31%
Non-coding sequence 98.32%
   cis -spliced introns 1.80%
   Intergenic sequences 96.53%
Repetitive content  
   SSRs 0.15%
   Transposable-related sequences 0.24%
   Any perfect repeats 42.70%
   Tandem repeats 1.51%
   Inverted repeats 1.85%
Mitochondrial-like b 4.4%
Chloroplast-like c 1.41%
Nuclear-like d 46.47%
  1. aDuplicated and triplicated genes (see Table 5) were counted once
  2. bHomologous regions between C. melo, C. lanatus and C. pepo mitochondrial genomes
  3. cHomologous regions between C. melo mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes
  4. dHomologous regions between C. melo nuclear and mitochondrial genomes