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Table 5 List of genes found in Cucumis melo mitochondrial genome

From: Determination of the melon chloroplast and mitochondrial genome sequences reveals that the largest reported mitochondrial genome in plants contains a significant amount of DNA having a nuclear origin

RNA genes      
   tRNAs trnD-GTCa trnE-TTCb trnF-GAA trnfM-CATb trnG-GCCb
  trnH-GTGb trnH-GTG-cpc trnI-CATb, d trnL-CAAb trnM-CAT
  trnM-CAT-cpc trnN-GTT trnN-GTT-cpc trnP-TGG trnQ-TTG
  trnR-ACG trnR-ACG-cpc trnS-GCTb trnS-TGA trnS-TGA-cpc
  trnW-CCAe trnY-GTA Ψtrnf ΨtrnC  
   rRNAs rrn26 rrn18 rrn5 a   
Complex I
(NADH dehydrogenase)
nad1 g, h, i nad2 i, j nad3 nad4 k nad4L g
  nad5 h, i nad6 nad7 h nad9  
Complex II
(succinate dehydrogenase)
sdh3 sdh 4    
Complex III
(ubiquinol cytochrome c reductase)
Complex IV
(cytochrome c oxidase)
cox1 j cox2 cox3   
ATP synthase atp1 atp4 atp6 atp8 atp9
Other genes      
   Cytochrome C biogenesis ccmB ccmC ccmFc j ccmFn  
   Transport membrane mttB     
   Maturase matR l     
   Ribosomal proteins rpl2 j rpl5 rpl16 m rps1 rps3 j
  rps4 rps7 rps10 g, j rps12 rps13
   Conserved ORFs ORF1n ORF2o ORF3p ORF4q  
  1. Pseudogenes are symbolised by ψ
  2. aThree gene copies
  3. bTwo gene copies
  4. cChloroplast origin
  5. dC assumed to be post-transcriptionally modified to lysidine, which pairs with A, not G (see PubMed ID 1698276)
  6. eSeven gene copies
  7. fUndetermined anticodon
  8. gRNA editing creates a codon
  9. hGene contains five exons
  10. iGene undergoes trans-splicing
  11. jGene contains one intron
  12. kGene contains four exons
  13. lStart codon not determined
  14. mAlternative start codon (see PubMed IDs 8193306 and 9327595)
  15. nSimilar to chloroplast ycf2 gene
  16. oSimilar to ORF150 in V. vinifera, ORF159b in Nicotiana, ORF168 in Marchantia and ORF187 in Physcomitrella
  17. pSimilar to amino acid sequence GenBank ID CAA69750.1
  18. qSimilar to 5' fragment of photosystem I P700 apoprotein A1