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Figure 4

From: Evaluation of two commercial global miRNA expression profiling platforms for detection of less abundant miRNAs

Figure 4

Evaluation of assay linearity at low miRNA input levels for 125 spike-in miRNAs common to the TaqMan and miRCURY platforms. Linearity was assessed based on a four point dilution series, ranging four orders of magnitude, of the spiked plasma RNA sample #1. For ease of platform comparison the data presented was restricted to the 125 spiked miRNAs queried by both platforms. The template input per PCR reaction of these 125 miRNAs ranged from 5 - 5,000 template copies (n = 62) and 20-20,000 (n = 63). Each dilution point was measured in duplicate and the linearity of each of the 125 assays was estimated by calculating the squared Pearson correlation coefficient, r2 of these measurements. Plotted are the obtained r2 values for (A) the TaqMan platform and (B) the miRCURY platform. Dashed lines correspond to number of assays with r2 ≥ 0.9.

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