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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study.

From: A eukaryotic-type signalling system of Pseudomonas aeruginosa contributes to oxidative stress resistance, intracellular survival and virulence

Strain/plasmid Genotype or descriptiona Source
P. aeruginosa   
PAO1 wild type T. Köhler
ΔpppA-ppkA PAO1 with unmarked deletion of pppA-ppkA This work
PAO1::tn7TLAC PAO1::mini-tn7T-LAC This work
Δ::tn7TLAC ΔpppA-ppkA:: mini-tn7T-LAC This work
Δ::tn7TLACpak ΔpppA-ppkA:: mini-tn7T-LAC-pppA-ppkA This work
E. coli   
XL1-blue rec A1 end A1 gyr A96 thi hsd R17(rk-, mk+) sup E44 rel A1 lac [F' pro AB+ lac Iq Δ(lac Z)M15::Tn10] Stratagene
JM109 end A1 rec A1 gyr A96 thi hsd R17 (rk-mk+) sup E44 Δ(lac-pro AB), [F' tra D36 pro AB lac Iq Δ(lac Z)M15] Promega
pEX18Ap ApR, ori T+ sac B+, gene repacement vector with MSC from pUC18 (24)
pPS858 ApR, GmR, gfp+, contains GmR-GFP FRT cassette (24)
pFLP2 ApR, contains FLP recombinase gene (24)
pUC18-mini-Tn7T-LAC ApR, GmR, mini-Tn7T-Gm Gateway-compatible cloning and delivery vector with lacIq-Ptac expression cassette (7)
pTNS2 Helper plasmid for integration of the expression casette (7)
pUC18miniTn7TLACpak pUC18-mini-Tn7T-LAC expressing pppA-ppkA This work
  1. aApR, resistant to ampicillin; GmR, resistant to gentamicin