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Table 1 Piwi-RNA sequence read libraries

From: Retrotransposon-centered analysis of piRNA targeting shows a shift from active to passive retrotransposon transcription in developing mouse testes

      Percent of mapped reads covering:
Library Stage   Raw reads (× 1000) Mapped reads (× 1000) LINE
MIWI2 early 16.5 dpc prenatal 1,940 1,934 30.2 5.2 34.8 17.0
MILI early 16.5 dpc prenatal 472 470 19.2 5.3 16.3 11.9
MILI late 10 dpp postnatal 1,327 1,324 7.7 19.9 15.9 13.3
  1. Three piRNA libraries from reference [31] were used for this study (accession numbers: MIWI2 early, GSM319957; MILI early, GSM319956; MILI late, GSM319953). Mapped reads denote the number of RNA reads mapping perfectly at least once to the mouse genome. The percentage of mapped reads mapping to loci of annotated RTEs are shown to the right. In parentheses under the RTE type the fractions of the mouse genome (mm9) occupied by the RTE sequences according to the RepeatMasker [15] annotation at the UCSC Genome Browser [67] are shown.