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Table 2 Summary of the turkey genome physical map and its integration with the chicken genome

From: A comparative physical map reveals the pattern of chromosomal evolution between the turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) and chicken (Gallus gallus) genomes

Clones used in the physical map construction 74,013 (11.9 x)
Contigs assembled 720
Singletons 18,821
Clones contained in the contigs 55,192 (8.9 x)
Questionable clones in the contigs 6,028 (8.1%)
Consensus bands of the contigs 575,144
Average band number per clone 53.9
Average clone number per contig 76.7
Physical length contribution per clone 30.3 kb
Average contig size 2,317 kb
Largest contig size 26.1 Mb (containing 995 clones)
BES contained in the physical map 28,385
Total physical length of the physical map 1,668 Mb
DNA markers/genes in the physical map 2,551
DNA markers/genes aligned to the chicken genome 2,551 (15,683 BAC assignments)
BES aligned to the chicken genome 28,385 (18,821 paired-ends)
Contigs assigned to the chicken chromosomes 516 (1,609 Mb)