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Table 1 Adipogenic candidate genes and their involvement in biochemical pathways.

From: Differential gene expression profiling of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells during adipogenic development

Pathway Candidate genes
PPARG signalling pathway Up-regulated: RXRA, C/EBPA, CES1, PPARG, GPD1
Adipocyte differentiation pathway Up-regulated: FABP4, PLIN
Adipocytokine signalling pathway Up-regulated: LPL, ADIPOQ, APOE, LGALS3, COL5A3,
Lipogenesis pathway Up-regulated: HADHSC, SCD, FASN, DGAT2,
Insulin-like signalling pathway Up-regulated: IGFBP5, INSIG1, IGF1R, GHR, IGF1
Apoptosis(factors related to, or no pathway) Up-regulated: ACVR1C, AOC3, C1QTNF1, C7, CFLAR, CIDEC, DDX17, LASP8, PI-3-kinase, RBM5, SMG1
Down-regulated: BID, HNRPC, MORF4L2, PAWR, SULF1
  1. The 184 selected genes were analyzed in different online databases (DAVID, KEGG and iHOP), for example in gene studies and the gene products were subsequently in biochemical pathway studies performed. Genes, up-regulated during adipogenesis were of most interest. This Table 1 shows pathways and corresponding genes. For gene names and mean signal values see the Additional files 1 and 2. Charts that illustrate expression values as a function of time are presented in Figure 7 and Figure 8.