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Table 1 Signaling pathways significantly associated with commonly up-regulated genes in all the forebrain regions after HP.

From: Regional genome transcriptional response of adult mouse brain to hypoxia

Level Signal Classification Pathway P value Molecules*
System level Hormone Glucocorticoid Receptor Signaling 0.006 NFKBIA, FKBP5, CDKN1A, TSC22D3, SGK1
  Hypoxia signaling Hypoxia signaling (Cardiovascular System) 0.016 NFKBIA, VEGFA
Tissue level Synapses Clathrin-mediated Endocytosis 0.076 VEGFA, AP2A2
  Development Axonal Guidance/Ephrin Receptor Signal 0.093 VEGFA, GNA13
Cell level Growth factors Insulin/IGF-1 Receptor Signaling 0.054 PPP1R3C, SGK1, CYR61
   Neuregulin/EGF Signaling 0.028 ERRFI1, TMEFF2
  Survival regulation VDR/RXR Activation 0.023 KLF4, CDKN1A
   p53 Signaling 0.026 CDKN1A, TP53INP1
  Kinase cascade PI3K/AKT Signaling 0.046 NFKBIA, CDKN1A
   ERK/MAPK Signaling 0.016 H3F3B, PPP1R3C, H3F3A
  1. The significance was determined by Fisher's exact test(P<0.1). Pathways with the same gene hits or with closely related genes were combined. The significance of the combined pathway was determined by the smallest P value available before the combining.* Details of the genes can be found in Additional file 2 Table S2.