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Table 4 In silico validation on HapMap FES data

From: The reference human nuclear mitochondrial sequences compilation validated and implemented on the UCSC genome browser

HapMap identifier Geographical origin FES with NumtS Validated NumtS
NA18517 (ABC7) Yoruba 417 202
NA18507 (ABC8) Yoruba 709 307
NA18956 (ABC9) Japan 494 210
NA19240 (ABC10) Yoruba 480 214
NA18555 (ABC11) China 490 228
NA12878 (ABC12) CEPH 533 229
NA19129 (ABC13) Yoruba 504 230
NA12156 (ABC14) CEPH 574 245
  1. For each individual, discrepancy between the number of FES with NumtS and the corresponding number of validated NumtS is due to the different coverage of NumtS loci in FES.