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Table 3 List of essential "metabolic genes" according to the different techniques

From: In vivo and in silico determination of essential genes of Campylobacter jejuni

Technique Essential genes
FBA only cj0024, cj0026c, cj0066c, cj0075c, cj0127c, cj0146c, cj0172c, cj0187c, cj0194, cj0196c, cj0197c, cj0205, cj0227, cj0237, cj0240c, cj0273, cj0274, cj0286c, cj0288c, cj0296c, cj0297c, cj0298c, cj0306c, cj0307, cj0321, cj0326, cj0332c, cj0360, cj0384c, cj0405, cj0432c, cj0433c, cj0434, cj0435, cj0437, cj0443, cj0453, cj0490, cj0541, cj0542, cj0559, cj0576, cj0580c, cj0585, cj0589, cj0638c, cj0647, cj0699c, cj0716, cj0764c, cj0766c, cj0767c, cj0795c, cj0798c, cj0806, cj0813, cj0821, cj0822, cj0847, cj0853c, cj0858c, cj0862c, cj0891c, cj0905c, cj0918c, cj0932c, cj0947c, cj0949c, cj0955c, cj0992c, cj0995c, cj1039, cj1044c, cj1046c, cj1048c, cj1067, cj1080c, cj1081c, cj1088c, cj1096c, cj1104, cj1114c, cj1133, cj1149c, cj1150c, cj1151c, cj1152c, cj1177c, cj1183c, cj1196c, cj1198, cj1202, cj1213c, cj1238, cj1243, cj1248, cj1364c, cj1398, cj1400c, cj1401c, cj1402c, cj1404, cj1407c, cj1424c, cj1428c, cj1476c, cj1498c, cj1515c, cj1529c, cj1530, cj1605c, cj1634c, cj1641, cj1645, cj1672c, cj1685c
FBA & transposon mutagenesis of this study cj0027, cj0116, cj0117, cj0324, cj0387, cj0394c, cj0442, cj0514, cj0516, cj0581, cj0597, cj0639c, cj0641, cj0686, cj0840c, cj0894c, cj0927, cj1008c, cj1045c, cj1054c, cj1058c, cj1082c, cj1131c, cj1250, cj1274c, cj1288c, cj1346c, cj1347c, cj1366c, cj1403c, cj1443c, cj1536c, cj1607, cj1610, cj1652c
FBA & transposon mutagenesis of Stahl and Stintzi cj0132, cj0147c, cj0308c, cj0356c, cj0451, cj0503c, cj0722c, cj0845c, cj0861c, cj0925, cj1201, cj1239, cj1290c, cj1291c, cj1531, cj1535c
FBA & the 2 transposon mutagenesis methods cj0231c, cj0545, cj0707, cj0810, cj0855, cj0895c, cj1644, cj1676
  1. The "metabolic genes" refer to the genes that were included in the FBA model. This table gives the list of the genes shown in Figure 3. The genes predicted to be essential by transposon mutagenesis were those with no insert in the transposon mutagenesis in this study and in the study of Stahl and Stintzi [20].