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Table 2 Potential horizontal gene transfers identified

From: Insight into cross-talk between intra-amoebal pathogens

Score PAH-LLAP PAH-Legionellales Legionellales-Chlamydiales PAH/LLAP-Rickettsiales PAH/LLAP-Others Gene product COG accession COG group
0 101      Hypothetical protein   
  158      Choloylglycine hydrolase COG3049 M
   191   191 PAH-Rickettsiales   Acetyltransferase COG0454 KR
   192   192 PAH-Wolbachia   Aminoglycoside phosphotransferase family protein COG3173 R
  473      putative phosphotransferase COG2334 R
   475     Hypothetical protein COG0500 QR
   492     Toluene efflux pump outer membrane protein COG1538 MU
1   96     Conserved hypothetical protein COG0599 S
  127      ABC-type multidrug transporter, permease COG0842 V
  128      ABC-type multidrug transporter, ATP-binding protein COG1131 V
  129      HlyD family secretion protein COG0845 M
     243 LLAP-Rickettsia   Beta-lactamase COG2602 V
   246     Acetyltransferase, GNAT family COG0454 KR
   247     Hypothetical protein COG2132 Q
    282    Conserved hypothetical protein COG4804 S
   387   387 PAH-Legionellales-Orientia   Hypothetical protein COG0500 QR
2   11     Succinylarginine dihydrolase COG3724 E
   86     Metallo-beta-lactamase family protein COG1234 R
   166     Multidrug resistance protein COG0477 GEPR
    207   207 LLAP-Naegleria 7-dehydrocholesterol reductase COG2020 O
   301     Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase COG1960 I
     388 LLAP-Rickettsia   Aminoglycoside N(6')-acetyltransferase COG1670 J
   400*     Putative transcriptional regulator COG0583 K
   421     Putative outer membrane efflux protein COG1538 MU
      458 Chlamydiales- Eukaryotes Alpha keto acid dehydrogenase complex E1 component alpha subunit COG1071 C
   474     DNA protection during starvation protein COG0783 P
3    90    Multidrug resistance protein B homolog COG0477 GEPR
  130      Solvent efflux pump outer membrane protein COG1538 MU
     134 Chlamydiales-Ehrlichia/Wolbachia   Proton/sodium-glutamate symport protein COG1301 C
      208 LLAP-A.asiaticus PEBP family protein COG1881 R
     211 PAH-Rickettsia   Putative 6-pyruvoyl tetrahydrobiopterin synthase COG0720 H
      240 LLAP- Eukaryotes Hypothetical protein COG1092 R
    263 263 LLAP-Rickettsia   DNA protection during starvation protein 2 COG0783 P
     390 Legionellales-Rickettsiales   ABC-type transporter, permease and ATPase subunit COG1132 V
   413     Cation-transporting ATPase COG2217 P
   422*     Inner membrane transport permease YbhR COG0842 V
   466*     Methylisocitrate lyase COG2513 G
  1. * clustering with Legionella pneumophila only, PAH = Parachlamydia acanthamoebae, LLAP = Legionella drancourtii
  2. This table presents the classification by score and ID numbers of the L. drancourtii and P. acanthamoebae orthologues that exhibit a phylogenetic reconstruction suggesting horizontal gene transfer events. The gene product annotation, COG accession number and COG group are indicated for each gene.