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Table 2 Number of pairs of colocalizing loci in both Tigriopus californicus and assembled reference genomes.

From: A gene-based SNP resource and linkage map for the copepod Tigriopus californicus

  linkage groups n align n pairs threshold p-value range
Apis mellifera 16 124 46 43 0.007-0.002
Tribolium castaneum 10 134 55 61 0.649-0.535
Drosophila melanogaster 5 144 91 94 0.563-0.369
Daphnia pulex >3000 72 2 4 0.607-0.321
  1. The number of linkage groups of the draft reference genomes of each species are shown, with the number of identified homologues between T. californicus and each of the reference genomes, and the number of homologue pairs which colocalize to a linkage group in both T. californicus and the reference. The maximum (threshold) number of colocalized pairs we would expect to see by chance, and the significance of the observed number of colocalized pairs were determined by permutation.