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Table 1 CRM predictions tested in this study

From: Erroneous attribution of relevant transcription factor binding sites despite successful prediction of cis-regulatory modules

CRM name coordinates (r5/dm3) reporter activity putative target gene primary expression pattern
CG32105_cooc164 chr3L:12306977-12307990 + CG32105 ventral nerve cord, amnioserosa
CG34347_cooc404 chr3R:27173861-27175568 + CG34347 ventral nerve cord (midline*), amnioserosa
cooc110 chr2L:17140480-17141559 + beat-IIIa pupal wing, eye, leg and other tissues
cooc437 chr3R:19617439-19618229 - n/a none
jhamt_cooc102 chr2L:16364204-16365055 + jhamt somatic and visceral muscle from stage 12 onward
notum_cooc310 chr3L:16013542-16014711 + notum segmentally repeated stripes, mostly ectodermal with limited mesoderm expression in dorsal regions and in the anal ring
  1. *a shorter version of cooc404 also had ventral nerve cord activity but ectopic relative to CG34347 expression (data not shown)