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Figure 3

From: Production of a reference transcriptome and transcriptomic database (PocilloporaBase) for the cauliflower coral, Pocillopora damicornis

Figure 3

Summary of P. damicornis transcriptome sequencing workflow. Healthy corals were collected from three different sites in Oahu, Hawaii and exposed to five environmentally relevant stressors (heat, desiccation, peroxide, and hypo-saline conditions) or control conditions. RNA was extracted from healthy populations and stressed populations and pooled together. (RNA isolated from four colony/treatments was not of sufficient quality (black x's) to be used in library preparation, so it was not subjected to further processing.) Library construction, sequencing, and assembly were performed by Agencourt Genomic Services (now Beckman Coulter Genomics); sequencing was performed on the 454 sequencing platform.

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