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Table 2 Enriched GO terms in each module.

From: Identification of dysfunctional modules and disease genes in congenital heart disease by a network-based approach

Module GO ID p-value GO description CHD genes in this module and with this GO term FDR
M1 GO:0019219 8.00E-10 regulation of nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolic process GATA6 1.90E-07
  GO:0051171 1.10E-09 regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process GATA6 2.70E-07
  GO:0051716 4.00E-08 cellular response to stimulus GATA6 9.70E-06
  GO:0045941 3.20E-07 positive regulation of transcription GATA6 7.80E-05
M3 GO:0007178 7.30E-34 transmembrane receptor protein serine/threonine kinase signaling pathway ACVR2B 2.70E-31
  GO:0007179 3.70E-23 Transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway   1.40E-20
  GO:0032925 1.70E-12 regulation of activin receptor signaling pathway ACVR2B 6.60E-10
  GO:0045597 1.10E-09 positive regulation of cell differentiation ACVR2B 4.40E-07
  GO:0051239 5.60E-09 regulation of multicellular organismal process ACVR2B 2.10E-06
  GO:0010646 1.60E-08 regulation of cell communication ACVR2B 6.40E-06
M4 GO:0006468 1.20E-04 protein amino acid phosphorylation   5.80E-03
M5 GO:0006259 7.60E-05 DNA metabolic process   1.78E-02
M6 GO:0045941 4.50E-06 positive regulation of transcription CITED2 5.90E-04
  GO:0051254 9.80E-06 positive regulation of RNA metabolic process CITED2 1.20E-03
  GO:0045935 1.00E-05 positive regulation of nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolic process CITED2 1.30E-03
M7 GO:0035556 2.20E-04 intracellular signal transduction FLNA 2.52E-02
M8 GO:0006936 1.90E-08 muscle contraction MYBPC3 3.00E-06
  GO:0003008 1.80E-06 system process MYBPC3 2.90E-04
  GO:0007010 8.20E-06 cytoskeleton organization   1.30E-03
  GO:0030036 8.10E-05 Actin cytoskeleton organization   1.31E-02
M9 GO:0007154 9.40E-06 cell communication GATA4, TBX5 1.40E-03
  GO:0048545 7.50E-05 response to steroid hormone stimulus GATA4 1.15E-02
  GO:0006629 2.30E-04 lipid metabolic process   3.57E-02
M10 GO:0022607 5.10E-06 cellular component assembly ACTC1 7.30E-04
  GO:0009653 9.30E-05 anatomical structure morphogenesis ACTC1 0.0132
M11 GO:0031334 2.20E-04 positive regulation of protein complex assembly NKX2-5, SRF 4.42E-02
M12 GO:0043066 2.20E-12 negative regulation of apoptosis NOTCH1 6.20E-10
  GO:0045595 1.90E-10 regulation of cell differentiation JAG1, NOTCH1 5.50E-08
  GO:0051093 1.90E-09 negative regulation of developmental process JAG1, NOTCH1 5.40E-07
  GO:0045596 9.70E-09 negative regulation of cell differentiation JAG1, NOTCH1 2.70E-06
  GO:0007219 7.30E-08 Notch signaling pathway JAG1, NOTCH1 2.00E-05
  1. CHD genes participate in most of the top enriched GO processes in each module and the function of a module is very similar to those of the putative disease genes in it. Only GO terms with FDR<0.05 are shown below.