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Table 2 Classification of immune associated genes differentially expressed (≥1

From: Differentially expressed profiles in the larval testes of Wolbachia infected and uninfected Drosophila

Relative expression level Biological function Transcript Gene symbol Fold change
Up-regulated antimicrobial humoral response CG1180-RA LysE 3.3768
  hemolymph coagulation CG15825-RA Fon 3.0290
  defense response to fungus CG10810-RA Drs 2.2760
  positive regulation of antibacterial peptide biosynthetic process CG16910-RA Key 1.8311
  response to virus CG2081-RB Vago 1.7291
  defense response CG2736-RA CG2736 1.5499
  phagocytosis, engulfment CG9556-RA alien 1.5411
  phagocytosis, engulfment CG5215-RB Zn72D 1.5286
  phagocytosis, engulfment CG10563-RA l(2)37Cd 1.5210
Down-regulated response to virus CG11390-RA PebIII 0.6570
  phagocytosis CG4280-RB crq 0.5416
  phagocytosis, engulfment CG8189-RB ATP syn-b 0.4764