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Table 1 Top 21 Gene Ontology categories between the YH and the mDC samples

From: High resolution profiling of human exon methylation by liquid hybridization capture-based bisulfite sequencing

Gene name GO ID NM GO category Methylation level of mDC Methylation level of YH P value
HELLS GO:0005524 NM_018063 ATP binding 33.333 1.316 4.54E-03
MSI1 GO:0007399 NM_002442 nervous system development 20.833 2.632 8.23E-03
CEBPE GO:0046983 NM_001805 protein dimerization activity 23.739 9.081 5.58E-79
EML2 GO:0007605 NM_012155 sensory perception of sound 27.621 13.554 9.63E-12
GLTSCR2 GO:0005634 NM_015710 nuclear 23.36 11.579 1.52E-04
TBC1D17 GO:0005096 NM_024682 GTPase activator activity 25.197 3.425 3.51E-14
BDH1 GO:0016491 NM_203314 oxidoreductase activity 22.892 11.345 6.49E-13
COL23A1 GO:0016021 NM_173465 integral to membrane 20.896 10.081 5.73E-03
WASF1 GO:0030041 NM_001024936 actin filament polymerization 22.215 10.467 9.32E-23
MYO1G GO:0016459 NM_033054 myosin complex 21.907 8.239 5.16E-13
ARMCX2 GO:0016021 NM_014782 integral to membrane 31.395 14.286 5.12E-04
MMP21 GO:0008270 NM_147191 zinc ion binding 9.375 33.862 1.05E-07
ITGA7 GO:0016020 NM_002206 membrane 10.879 21.88 1.39E-11
DHRS12 GO:0016491 NM_024705 oxidoreductase activity 8.696 23.144 1.55E-05
AURKC GO:0016740 NM_001015878 transferase activity 10.256 30.769 9.17E-03
SOX18 GO:0006357 NM_018419 regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter 3.656 20.225 2.55E-15
CIDEC GO:0006917 NM_022094 induction of apoptosis 8.333 20.098 6.22E-04
PF4 GO:0045653 NM_002619 negative regulation of megakaryocyte differentiation 0 22.222 3.13E-03
MARCKS GO:0051015 NM_002356 actin filament binding 5.405 30.088 4.66E-03
PRAF2 GO:0016021 NM_007213 integral to membrane 8.333 26.02 3.00E-03
FAM155B GO:0016021 NM_015686 integral to membrane 0 21.053 4.02E-04
  1. The methylation level represents the average methylation level of the CpGs in the region. The P value was calculated using the chi-square test.