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Table 2 Resources used

From: Mining the Gene Wiki for functional genomic knowledge

Resource Gathered from Access Date
Gene Wiki Articles Jan. 4, 2011
NCBO Annotator Jan. 12, 2011
WikiTrust Jan. 11, 2011
OWL version of the Disease Ontology (for evaluation) Jan. 6, 2011
Disease Ontology annotations (from GeneRIF mining (Osborne et al 2009)) Created Oct. 23, 2008.
Accessed Jan. 7, 2011
OWL version of the Gene Ontology (for evaluation)
(cvs version: $Revision: 1.1439)
Sept. 22, 2010
Gene Ontology Annotations
(no version information provided)
* we used all annotations including IEA in our analysis
Dec. 13, 2010
  1. This table provides the name, URL, access date, and version number (when available) of the Web-based tools and databases used to conduct this study.