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Figure 1

From: A dense SNP-based linkage map for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) reveals extended chromosome homeologies and striking differences in sex-specific recombination patterns

Figure 1

Sex specific linkage maps for Atlantic salmon chromosome 1 (ssa01). The physical size and appearance of the chromosome is adopted from Phillips et al. (2009). Approximate genetic distances are given to the right of the female map and to the left of the male map. The numbers opposite denote indexes to individual markers as given in Additional Data. Markers homologous to chromosome arm segments in stickleback or salmon are indicated with colours correponding with one of the chromosome arms. The approximate separation of the female genetic map is based on this information. Red lines extend to the set of markers with limited recombination in the male map. Large regional differences are seen between the maps, with most of the male recombination taking place near the telomeric ends.

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