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Table 1 Detailed Information on the Assembly Results.

From: Generation of a reference transcriptome for evaluating rainbow trout responses to various stressors

Newbler Reads  
   Total number of reads 3,160,306
   Number of aligned reads 2,708,437
   Number of aligned bases 990,882,504
   Number of wholly assembled reads 2,326,354
   Number of partially assembled reads 374,202
   Number of singletons 235,486
   Number of repetitive reads 12,291
   Number of outlier reads 139,210
   Number of too-short reads 72,763
Newbler Contigs  
   Total number of contigs 110,031
   Total number of contig bases 55,246,326
   Average coverage 17.9×
   Average contig size 502 bp
   Contig N50 829 bp
   Number of contigs with size > 100 bp 90,417
   Number of contigs with size > 500 bp 42,767
   Largest contig Size 16,649 bp
Newbler Isotigs  
   Total number of isotigs 83,166
   Average contig count 3.7
   Largest contig count 29
   Number of isotigs with one contig 28,111
   Average isotig size 1,337 bp
   Isotig N50 1,639 bp
   Largest isotig Size 24,959 bp
Newbler Isogroups  
   Total number of isogroups 41,879
   Average isotig count 2.0
   Average contig count 2.6
   Largest isotig count 649
   Largest contig count 2,491
   Number of isogroups with one isotig 28,615
   Number of isogroups with one contig 27,530
MIRA3 assembly of Newbler singletons  
   Reads assembled 91,926
   Number of contigs 37,143
   Contig N50 486
   Largest contig size 1604