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Table 2 Putative functions for conserved long AARs in Arabidopsis

From: Comprehensive analysis of tandem amino acid repeats from ten angiosperm genomes

Protein Type Description (gene/AAR) Clue
AT3G24650.1 S ABI3 is a key component of the ABA signal transduction pathway./See text for details of AAR function. Biochemical [45]
AT1G43850.1 Q SEU, together with LUG (LEUNIG), controls the development of several organs./See text for details of AAR function. Phenotypic [46]
AT4G32551.1 Q LUG, see above./The AAR is thought to be involved in the assembly of transcriptional co-repressors. Speculation only [47]
AT5G67470.1 P FH6 (FORMIN HOMOLOG 6) binds profilin and is involved in actin-nucleating activity./The AAR may directly contribute to its binding activity. Speculation only [48]
AT1G25540.1 Q PFT1 (PHYTOCHROME AND FLOWERING TIME 1) is a transcription factor that controls the flowering time./The AAR may be involved in transcriptional activation. Speculation only [49]